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Road Freight

In a world in constant motion, today's optimal solution may not be right for tomorrow. Thanks to the extensive network and our centralized teams in the 6 offices in the country, we are able to react quickly and adapt our solutions to the special needs of our customers, contributing in obtaining a competitive advantage. We meet the needs of our customers with transport services at domestic and European level, as well as partial and complete loads, while they benefit of important advantages in terms of the development and daily coverage of the demand of the internal and European markets. All this allows monitoring the flows of goods and information to allow proactive intervention and to convert data into relevant information for an efficient decision-making process.


Air Freight

Whether it's import or export, full or partial charter flights or a mix of sea or rail and air transport: once we know the pick up place and destination, our experts will identify the most advantageous route, adapting the solution to transport needs indicated by the customer and maintaining the optimal ratio between transit time and cost. We know how important it is for all our customers to be informed in a timely manner and for this we are active 24/7/365. STEP ONE SPEDITION grants access to its customers to daily flights anywhere in the world, so that the logistics chain planning will become efficient as possible. From express transport such as OBC, NFO to transport in a consolidated economic regime , we have developed solutions for any type of cargo and route, ensuring that the goods will reach their destination quickly, safely and in perfect condition.


Sea Freight

We are aware of the position of cost control in the supply chain. This becomes possible by shipping. Whether we are talking about full loads (FCL) or partial loads (LCL), the shipment of goods in containerized maritime traffic through the port of Constanța or any other port in Europe to / from any other destination in the world, is a side of our extended activity. Home or port delivery? Through our partners, we provide customers with the necessary equipment: flat racks, open top, dry, temperature controlled containers, trucks, vans. The availability of our oceanfreight team is 24/7, thus providing clients with advice in choosing the optimal transport option.


Rail Freight

Providing a shorter transit time than ocean freight and on a much more cost-effective than air transport, rail transport has become an extremely efficient solution nowadays. Recommended for high valued goods and supported by the other products offered by our company, such as customs clearance, cargo insurance or deconsolidation, the railway transport service has weekly departures and a terminal-terminal transit time of 20 days. Our specialized teams can create the best rail route for any type of freight, including picking up and delivering from / to any location in China and Europe.

About Us

Founded in 2009, Step One Spedition is a company with full Romanian capital, combining a team of industry professionals with extensive experience in the logistics field, always ready to draw the optimal solutions for the most complex types of transport, maintaining the balance between quality of service and price. We can offer you consultancy and quality services for door-to-door transports, by our own means or by third parties, consolidations and deconsolidations, cargo insurance, storage, customs clearance services. Our range of customers covers industries such as FMCG, retail, industrial and automotive.

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For StepOne, the future is as important as the present.
Ensuring that the provided transport activity is carried out in such way that future generations are not affected, is one of the main objectives that StepOne has in mind.
The pandemic has demonstrated that transport is a service of major importance, if not critical - and the delivery of goods, under safe conditions and terms, at the set time and place, while ensuring a positive impact for the people and the environment is essential for StepOne.
For this, StepOne has the expertise of 15 years of activity in the field, while uses the collective intelligence, continuous staff training, the latest technologies proven to be reliable for the activity carried , so that the performance indicators assumed towards the clients are not affected.
In a constantly changing world, where the active supply chains are a reality, StepOne provides its clients the footprint of the provided services. The fleet of owned trucks by StepOne is Mercedes EURO 6 and that allows us providing the transportation services in accordance with the objectives of sustainable development.


StepOne is responsible for protecting the environment. In this context, StepOne implements resource-saving solutions, as well as concepts that meet the needs for current and future generations.
In both the activity carried and the strategic orientation, the company promotes an effective interaction between economic and ecological factors.
The intelligent use of available resources, their recycling and reuse, where possible, is an essential dimension of our environmental protection measures.
The main priority is the efficiency of fuel consumption and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Continuous optimization and the implementation of innovative transport solutions are and will remain the essential points of the company's policy. Through the measures already implemented and continuous optimization, we manage to increase efficiency while laying the foundations for an ecological future.


For StepOne, social sustainability means active responsibility towards employees and the community as well, a responsibility for the positive development of the social environment in which we operate.


For the future, StepOne considers the continuous renewal of the fleet according to the current norms regarding GHg emissions. Electromobility, along with the use of renewable energy sources, on the provided transportation services is one of the main topics on the company's agenda.

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Revista Tranzit a decernat premiile de eficiență în transporturi în mediu virtual

Bogdan Dragomir, fondatorul Step One, este cel mai eficient manager de transport.

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Un specialist al transportului intern

Noi nu avem clienti si furnizori, ci parteneri. Am investit in camioane noi, pentru ca strategia noastra este de a dezvolta parteneriate pe termen lung.

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Gala Tranzit și-a desemnat câștigatorii

Bogdan Dragomir (Step One Spedition) este Cel mai eficient manager de transport.

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Step One Spedition a achiziționat 100 de Mercedes-Benz Actros 1840 LS

Prin achiziția celor 100 de Mercedes-Benz Actros 1840 LS, compania Step One Spedition își reînnoiește parțial, dar și extinde flota, ajungând astfel la un parc auto de 160 de camioane..

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O sută de camioane Actros pentru Step One Spedition

Cele 100 de camioane Actros comandate au fost configurate special pentru necesitățile serviciilor de transport interurban de mărfuri și distribuție națională derulate de compania Step One Spedition. Aceasta aprovizionează cele mai mari lanțuri de retail din România și activează în transportul de bunuri din mai multe segmente, precum FMCG, retail de construcții, etc.

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